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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 Summer Term Curriculum Map

Dear Parents and Carers,



This letter will outline the learning that we have planned for this term. The summer term will be a busy term and we have lots of learning planned for the pupils. Thank you for your support during the spring term, we really do appreciate this as it is so valuable to your child’s success this year. We look forward to a productive summer term.


Home learning

Children are expected to complete home learning activities throughout the week. Each week children will be asked to practise reading and writing words. There is a spelling test every Monday which tests children’s knowledge of their weekly phonics sounds. Children are also expected to read to an adult for at least 15 minutes each night; you must sign and write a comment in their reading record to confirm that you have read to your child. Your child’s teacher or class teaching assistant will also read with your child once a week. We have library sessions once a week, so children can change books then.



In maths we will continue to work on number and place value and the four operations used to work out calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.) The children need to be able to partition numbers into hundreds, tens and ones, and need to be able to use this knowledge to help them compare numbers. They will also need to be able to add and subtract numbers under 20 in their heads. We will continue looking at 2D and 3D shapes and sort those according to their properties, this will also include the position and direction of shapes. Pupils will be learning about measurement in a variety of ways; weight, capacity, length, temperature, time and money. Finally, within the fractions unit, we will be exploring the role of the numerator and denominator, and recognise simple equivalent fractions. We will continue to learn to count in multiples of twos, fives and tens (counting in threes will also be included for Year 2 children).



During English we will be learning about ‘Extended stories’. We will read and explore different stories to get some inspiration for our own stories. This term year 1 will be focusing on ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ where we will be writing character descriptions. Year 1 will also be writing non – chronological reports about animals. In year 2 we will be reading Paul Geraghty’s book ‘The Hunter’ and focusing on writing book reviews and descriptions. We will be using actions and story mapping to help us learn these stories and we will use their structure to help us write our own narrative and using the illustrations to help us write detailed descriptions. Throughout the term we are going to be reading a variety of poems to the children.

We have daily guided reading and phonics groups that take place in the morning. We teach phonics using the Letters and Sounds phonics programme, and will continue on from what your child was taught in Reception or Year 1. In guided reading, children will also read various fiction and non-fiction texts in small groups and will complete activities based on the book they read. These activities are led by the class teacher. If you would like to observe our Guided Reading lessons to understand and help your child with reading at home, please let your class teacher know.



In RE, we will be learning about the time from Easter to Pentecost. Year 1 will also be learning about the many miracles Jesus performed such as, the Wedding at Cana and how Jesus healed the sick.  Year 2 will be looking at the first Christians and the beginning of the church. Throughout this term we will be learning about various scriptures, the message they give us and how we can implement this into our daily lives. We will also be learning how to find pieces of scripture in the Bible.



This term our Humanities topic is ‘Countries of hot and cold regions.’  We will be Identifying the location of hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the equator. We will learn the names of the different continents and oceans and learning how to use a globe, map and atlas. To support your child with this topic you could do some research about the weather in a chosen country, which continent it’s in and which ocean surrounds it.



In Science this term we are going to be learning about ‘Plants’. We will be identifying and naming plants and trees from our local area.  We will also be classifying objects into the following categories: living things, non-living things and have never been alive.  We will be looking at ‘animals including humans’ and their food chains as well as describing the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Throughout the year we will also be focusing on seasonal changes and the weather associated with the seasons. 



During this term we will be learning about e-safety and how to safely use the computer. We will also develop our ICT skills in using the iPads and the laptops to research information and also to create save and retrieve data.


Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)

We are also having ‘Drop everything and read’ sessions every Friday afternoon which you are welcome to come to. This means that every Friday afternoon everybody at St Anne’s (adults and children alike) will have thirty minutes to stop whatever they are doing and read a book of their choice. This could be your library book or a book that you have brought in from home. We really hope that these sessions in which we are all reading for pleasure will help to foster your child’s love of reading. Please help ensure that your child is ready for these sessions by ensuring that they bring a reading book into school on a Friday.



Our topic for PE this half term is Games and athletics. We will be learning about different ball skills and how to effectively play a variety of team building games. We will also be practising all the necessary skills needed for Sports day in July.

Please ensure your child brings in their PE kit, this must be left in school until the end of half term. We ask you to encourage your child to dress and undress themselves independently. We advise that you label all of your child’s clothes. Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit and that it stays in school until the half term, when it can be brought home to be washed. PE uniform, as well as all uniform, must be named.


Philosophy for Children (P4C) and PSHE

P4C will continue to give children an opportunity to build on their thinking and communication skills in order to become a creative, critical, collaborative and caring thinker.

We will be developing the children’s personal, social and emotional skills in creative ways using our P4C lessons where we will be discussing philosophical and social issues. The children may come home with a ‘Big Question’ please discuss these with your child as these will be discussed further in class.


Art/Design and Technology

During this term children will be focusing on pointillism and the artist Georges Seurat. We will be sketching our surrounding area and replicating our sketches using the art of pointillism. We will also be focusing on identifying primary colours, shades and tones and exploring the use of different tools and techniques. We will be using brushes of different types and sizes to create a range of desired affects


We look forward to supporting you in developing your child to reach their full potential.


Thank you for your cooperation,


Miss Calle, Mrs Byrne, Miss Heaney and Mrs Howick

Year One and Two

Year 2 - End of Year Expectations

Excellence, together with God as our guide