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Welcome to EYFS Class!

Summer Term 2019



Dear Parents / Carers,



We will be focussing on the children’s physical development in the caterpillars now the weather is finer, exercising and helping to make their hearts grow strong. The children will be finding out how their breathing and bodies change when they are performing rigorous exercise and the importance of keeping hydrated and eating healthy foods in order to be healthy. Please continue to encourage your children to have lots of exercise. Model to them that it is important to you and your family. I do have sticker charts that may help support your child’s healthy eating at home. Please inform us of your successes as we love to celebrate them with the children too.

In R.E. we will be covering the following topics Our Church family.


This term we are beginning with the topic Out and about. Within the topic we will be looking at:

Our Local Environment and People Who Help us - So that we understand the variety of people that we may meet in our community and all our similarities and differences and  the features of their local environment and how it differs from others nearby. The Butterflies have visited the fire station and had a lovely time. They are busy writing thank you letters.  The children will be, taking photos and drawing pictures to find out about the different buildings around them both new and old. If you have any pictures of old Tower Hamlets please send them in so that we can compare. The Caterpillars will also be looking at the environment, in particular-where they live. We will all be looking at the world around us and this will involve understanding how our world changes in the environment.

We will hopefully visit the local farm and we will look for leaves on the trees, flowers growing in the soil and possibly some of the new born animals that have been born. We will try to plant some seeds in the flower beds outside and see how the grow  in the outdoor beds.  We will be understanding the seasons of Spring and Summer - change, growing, feeling warmer, clothes we need to wear, food we need to eat.



We will then move onto the topic of: Water

Within the topic we will be looking at: Where rain comes from and what happens to the rain and why we need it, we will find out about some of the creatures that live in water and how humans use water- linking to Pirates!


EYFS Events

It is the term that we have our sponsored walk and Sports day on Wednesday 26th June and we hope you will all complete the sponsored walk with us and support us at our Sports day. We will be leaving at 11.00am. You have been so generous this year and we are hoping to raise lots more money as we desperately need new resources. The schools budget has been cut so any extra funding we can raise is really important.


We will be having our EYFS “Bring and Share Lunch” at 12.00 on Wednesday 3rd July which will culminate in our Butterfly Graduation Ceremony at approximately 1.30pm. This is a wonderful day when we all cook our culinary speciality and bring it to school by 12.00 midday so that we can share with everyone; caterpillars, butterflies, parents and staff. The Graduation Ceremony always brings a few tears to the eyes.


Thursday 4th July NURSERY ONLY parents evening: 2.00-6.00pm with allocated time slots for you to sign up for in the nursery cloakroom nearer the time. If you are a working parent then please phone the office. 


Monday 8th July Glasgow Caledonian University visiting reception class and then in the afternoon reception visiting their Brick Lane Campus - Volunteers needed please!


Tuesday 16th July- whole school |Summer concert-in the junior hall. Time to be confirmed.


Wednesday 17th July – whole EYFS teddy Bear picnic. Packed lunches required (Nursery parents will be invited to attend at some point during the day to select a book from the National Literacy Project).


For many of these events we will be unable to take part if we do not have enough volunteers to help with the children as we need a ratio of one adult to two children in order to manage all the assessed risks. Thank you in advance for all those who have volunteered to help us this way, it is much appreciated.



Thank you for your continued support,


The Early Years Team

Early Years Foundation Stage

Excellence, together with God as our guide