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Welcome to Year 6!


Year 6 Autumn Term Curriculum Map

Autumn Term Curriculum


September 2017


Dear Parents/Carers




We hope that you had a restful and enjoyable summer holiday! This letter will outline the learning that we have planned for this term. Year six is always a busy year and we will expect children to be more independent and take a lot more responsibility for their own learning. However we really do appreciate your help and support which is so valuable to your child’s success this year.



Useful Information


Travel to school and mobile phones

In year six, children are allowed to travel to and from school by themselves during daylight hours – we advise that children are collected by an adult when it is dark which is particularly relevant if children attend after school clubs in the winter months. If your child will be travelling to/from school by themselves please provide a letter clearly stating which days your child will be travelling alone to the class teacher.


Children can only bring a mobile phone into school if they are travelling by themselves. Phones must be turned off once inside the school gate and handed in to the TA on gate duty, or failing that, handed to the class teacher at registration. Any misuse of mobile phones (including misuse of cameras and social media sites/apps) inside of school or outside of school where such misuse is having a negative impact on classroom teaching, will result in the phone being confiscated from the child until a meeting with a parent can be arranged where the phone will be returned.


Please regularly speak to your child about their mobile phone use and check their accounts. If you have any concerns please make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher.



Home Learning:

Home learning will be set in accordance with the school’s home learning policy which is available on the school’s website.


Maths home learning will usually be a written activity to help consolidate learning that we have completed in class or to recap on basic skills which underpin other areas of maths.


As you know, it is essential that your child reads a wide range of genres (i.e. fiction, non-fiction, newspapers) and develops a good reading habit to help with their comprehension, writing and vocabulary. Children are expected to read for at least 20 minutes a night and to write a comment in their reading record. This comment should be any challenging, unknown or new words that they have encountered. If they would like to write more (a summary, a prediction etc.) they are welcome to do so. We kindly request that you oversee the reading record by adding your signature at least once a week. It is important that the children return their library book each week so that they can take a different book home. If a book is lost or damaged it will incur a cost of £5.00 to replace it.


Spellings will be set on Tuesday. Children will be asked to write extended, imaginative sentences for ten of the spellings to consolidate their understanding of the words they are learning. They will then be tested on the spellings the following Tuesday. These spellings will include words from the year 5/6 spelling list which is a list of spellings published in the National Curriculum which children must learn by the end of their primary education. Children may be given additional spellings if we feel that they need to be challenged further.


We are lucky enough to have additional teachers working with us in year six, therefore your child may receive additional home learning from support teachers from time to time. Please support your child to complete this – we are all working together to encourage the best possible results.


Drop Everything and Read

This year we are continuing to incorporate a weekly ‘Drop Everything and Read’ session into our timetable. This means that every Friday afternoon everybody at St Anne’s (adults and children alike) will have thirty minutes to stop whatever they are doing and read a book of their choice. This could be your library book or a book that you have brought in from home. We really hope that these sessions in which we are all reading for pleasure will continue to foster your child’s love of reading. Please help your child to be ready for these sessions by ensuring that they bring a reading book into school on a Friday. Later in the year we will be inviting parents to come and join us, details will follow in due course.



Year Six Curriculum



Over the summer break we have conducted lots of research into effective strategies for teaching maths and as a result we have decided to take a different approach to our maths lessons this year. Rather than grouping the children by ability as we have done in previous years, we will be teaching maths in our register classes, just as we do for all other subjects. As always, teachers will work to meet the needs of all of the learners in our classes meaning that maths lessons and activities will be tailored to children’s different abilities. It has been proven that mixed ability grouping is beneficial for the progress of all learners and we are confident this shall be the case here at St Anne’s. If you have any questions about this, please make an appointment with the school office.


This term we will be developing our understanding of place value, especially that of decimal numbers. This year children are required to be able to read, write and work with numbers up to 10,000,000. We shall be refining our use of written calculations for the four operations. We will also develop our understanding of fractions and percentages and apply this knowledge to problem solving.



This term we shall be reading texts which link to our humanities topic, The Victorians. We shall be reading Street Child along with classic fiction including Alice in Wonderland. We shall be writing our own narrative pieces as well as studying existing (and writing our own) biographies and autobiographies linked to famous Victorian figures and inventors.


A significant amount of our time will be spent on grammar, spelling and punctuation and from time to time your child may be given additional home learning to help support their work in class. Please encourage and support your child to complete this.



During the Autumn term we shall be learning about the life and works of Victorian artists such as William Morris. We shall also learn about the development of Christmas traditions and decorations during the Victorian period and shall be making our own Christmas decorations and stockings.



Throughout the autumn term we will cover a variety of topics in Religious Education lessons including; Loving, Judaism, Vocations and Commitment and Expectations. These will explore the Domestic Church, Baptism and Confirmation, Other Faiths and Advent. We will also learn about our class saints which are;


Mrs Nicolaou’s class: St Thomas Aquinas patron saint of students and universities

Miss Nottage’s class: St Edmund Campion patron saint of British Jesuits



Our topic for this term is The Victorians. We shall start by learning about Queen Victoria and her family and their legacy (how they shaped the world and British Empire). We shall be learning about life in Victorian London which will include learning about work houses, Victorian schools and the work of Dr Barnardo. We will be visiting the Ragged School Museum in Mile End and The Geffrye Museum in Hoxton in the Autumn term in order to support our learning for this topic.



This term we shall be learning about Inheritance and Evolution. We shall be learning about how living things have changed over time and that fossils provide information about things that lived years ago. We shall also learn about how plants and animals are adapted to suit their environment in different ways.



We will begin the year by learning about and developing our understanding of internet safety.  We also hope to learn about editing photos and making videos and using these to support the learning in other lessons. We also have class blogs which will be up and running in the very near future – please visit and comment often!



This term children will be learning outdoor games and will also continue to develop their fitness through weekly circuit lessons. PE kits should be brought into school at the beginning of term and must stay here until half term when they will be sent home for washing. PE is an important part of your child’s curriculum and participation helps develop a positive outlook to health and fitness, therefore it is essential that all children participate in lessons. Please note that if children miss three lessons in a half term because they do not have their PE kit in school they will miss a portion of their play, as is school policy on incorrect uniform.



The term will start with work on the theme of New Beginnings – thinking about how we can develop a purposeful learning environment in our classroom and what our goals for year six are and how we can work together to achieve them. We will also be thinking about our relationships and friendships in our work on Getting on and Falling Out.


UNICEF Rights Respecting School’s Award:

We will continue to learn about children’s rights and the differences between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. As part of our school’s journey into achieving Level 2 of ‘Rights Respecting School’. We will also continue to learn about the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) different articles that were created to make sure that every child’s basic needs are met. For more information about Unicef’s Rights Respecting School and it’s award visit:



Philosophy for Children (P4C):

We will incorporate a new program into our weekly routine called P4C which is a thinking skills program. The aim of this program is not to turn children into philosophers but to help them become more thoughtful, more reflective, more reasonable individuals.



Suggested trips / websites to support learning:

We have some great trips planned but you may also wish to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum or The National Gallery to look at works by prominent Victorian artists (entrance to both is free). The following websites may be helpful;




Thank you in advance for your support this term; we are always happy to arrange meetings after school if you have any questions or a concern about your child’s learning.



Mrs Nicolaou & Miss Nottage

Year Six


Year 6 - End of Year Expectations

Excellence, together with God as our guide