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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Summer Term Curriculum




Dear Parents and Carers,


RE: Year 4 – Summer Term


We hope you had a restful holiday and we look forward to working in partnership with you so your child receives the best possible support for their learning.


Home learning & Reading

Reading home learning is sent home each night. Please read with your child for approximately fifteen minutes each day and sign their reading record, we can then change reading books.


Your child’s home learning book needs to be brought into school every Monday. Home Learning and spellings are also sent every Monday, tasks are always linked to the learning that will happen in that week. Please help your child to learn the new words during the week so that they are ready for the spelling quiz in class on Monday.


We look forward to working with you to progress your child’s learning. Should you need to discuss any of the above, please make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher.




This term we shall be developing and practising our mental maths skills regularly, concentrating on times tables and adding and subtracting three digit numbers. We will be developing our understanding of data handling and negative numbers. We will also be looking at fractions and decimals including measures, written decimals, volume, capacity and mass. We will also spend time learning about position and area.



During our English lessons we will spend time looking at debates and persuasive texts.  We will be developing our writing and speaking skills - retelling and performing parts of what we have heard and inventing persuasive texts using our own thoughts and ideas. By the end of this unit we will have created our own arguments for debates and persuasive texts.



We will start the school term with the topic of ‘Pentecost’. In this we will learn about serving. Our second topic will be on the story of Paul and his example of giving and following Christ.  The final topic that we will learn during the time of Pentecost, will be exploring how we respond to the Good News and spread the new life of the Easter message, ‘God’s gift of Jesus is a gift of love to all people of all time’ and how we apply this to our own lives.



This term we will be learning about Chocolate. We will be looking at map reading, recording places, human and physical Geography, trade between the U.K and Europe and the Rest of the World, Fairtrade and much, much more! We encourage the children to research and read as much as possible on this subject; any information they wish to share with their class will be greatly welcomed!



In Science this term we will be using a range of investigative skills as we learn about all living things. We will look at how humans have an impact on the environment and how we can protect our environment. After half term we will be learning about who we are. This will involve investigating habitats, vertebrates and invertebrates.



We shall be continuing to learn how to program and code using the iPads and the laptops. We will also continue to develop our ICT skills by blogging, and looking at how to be safe online. Please continue to check the class blogs and encourage your children to post and comment on them.



This term we will be learning about how ‘It’s Good to be me’, healthy living, drugs and SRE. We will also do work on transition as we prepare to continue with our learning Journey. 


Rights Respecting School:

This term we will also be looking at the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) focusing on different articles. We will continue to learn that every child has rights which cannot be taken away from them and focusing on the different ways that both adults and children can respect children’s rights. Look on the school website for more details about our Right Respecting School journey.



This term we shall be focusing on cricket, athletics and keeping fit. We shall be working on our general fitness. It is really important that the children have their P.E kit in school so they can fully participate in this crucial part of their curriculum.  PE kits must remain in school and will be sent home for each holiday.


Suggested trips / websites to support learning

We will be visiting a local chocolate producing shop, learning the process for producing chocolate. We hope to visit Greenwich museum to look at the Trade between the UK and other countries in Europe. Workshops provided will help to support our Chocolate topic. We are proposing to take the children to a recycling centre as part of our topic’ All living things’.



Should you have any questions please contact the office to make an appointment.



Mrs. Brampton & Mr. Huggins

Year Four

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