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Year 3/4

Spring Term Curriculum


January 2018


Dear Parents and Carers,




Happy New Year!


We hope that you had a restful and peaceful Christmas! We have a very busy Spring term planned, below you can discover all of the wonderful things we’ll be learning in the coming weeks.


Home Learning

This is given out on Mondays and needs to be in on the following Monday. Tasks set are for you to share, and encourage the children with their learning. Children are expected to read each evening. Please read with your child for approximately fifteen minutes each day and sign their reading record, we can then change reading books.




This term we shall be developing and practising our mental maths skills regularly, concentrating on times tables (children need to know all of their times tables to 12x12 by year four) and adding and subtracting three digit numbers. We will be developing our understanding of fractions and how we use them in our everyday life.

We will be developing our understanding of place value and reading and presenting data. We will be applying our knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to word problems. We will also be looking at geometry; properties of shape and symmetry, time and money, fractions and decimals.



During our English lessons we will focus on Traditional tales with a twist, starting with the story of The Goldilocks Returns. We will be developing our story telling skills – listening to others tell stories, retelling and performing parts of what we have heard and re-inventing parts of the story by adding our own twists and ideas. Our aim by the end of this unit is to create our own Traditional tale with a twist. In our second unit we will spend time looking at Newspaper reports. We will look at a range of texts and work on creating our own reports.



This term we will be learning about the Lake District. We will be learning to use more complex maps to help identify geographical features. We will also be researching and gathering information to understand geographical and physical differences through the human and physical geography of the area. We will also look at tourism and different human activities available in the area.



We will start the school year with the topic of ‘The Local Church and Community’ looking particularly at what happens in our Parish. Our second topic will be on Eucharist – Giving and Receiving. The final topic that we will learn during the time of Easter will be exploring how God’s gift of Jesus is a gift of love to all people of all time and how we apply this to our own lives.



This term we are following a scheme of work for Gymnastics. Children will be developing their flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance. As a part of our unit children will be creating their own gymnastics sequence to perform and teach to the class. It is really important that the children have their P.E kit in school so they can fully participate in this crucial part of their curriculum.  PE kits must remain in school and will be sent home for each holiday.


In Science this term we will be using a range of investigative skills as we learn about sounds, forces and magnets. We will look at different ways we use forces and magnets in everyday life. And we will be conducting investigations to further our understanding of how sound works.  


Rights Respecting School

This term we will also be looking at the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) focusing on different articles. We will continue to learn that every child has rights which cannot be taken away from them and focusing on the different ways that both adults and children can respect children’s rights. For more information about Unicef’s Rights Respecting School and it’s award visit:


Philosophy for Children (P4C)

P4C will continue to give children an opportunity to build on their thinking and communication skills in order to become a creative, critical, collaborative and caring thinker.


In computing this term we are going to be looking at developing coding skills. We will be using guided programs to assist with the children’s learning, and they will be creating their own computer games to practise the skills they learn.


Suggested trips / websites to support learning

This term Year 3 and Year 4 children will be going on a trip to Mudchute farm for a guided tour. This will be linking to our Humanities topic and will also have useful links to Mathematics and Science.

In addition, websites which will be continually useful for your child’s learning include:



Should you have any questions please contact the office to make an appointment.


Kind regards,


Mrs. Brampton, Miss Chapple and Miss Akhter

Year Three / Four

Excellence, together with God as our guide