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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Summer Term Curriculum


Dear Parents/Carer,




We wish to inform you about the range of exciting learning we will be completing this term.



This term we will be reinforcing addition and subtraction of 3 digit numbers. Pupils will develop efficient mental methods for multiplication and division.  We will be investigating 2D and 3D shapes and their properties along with decimals, fractions and statistics in real life content. Children will look at vertical and horizontal lines in every day settings and explore different types of measurements.



In English we will be reading a range of fiction, non-fiction texts. The children will be asked to answer questions based on their reading and when appropriate they will explain their own ideas. We will link our history topic (Ancient Egyptians) and discover how the ancient Egyptians lived. Children will use this information to write creatively about life in ancient Egypt through letter writing, looking at stories from other cultures and explanation texts. We will also be learning and performing language poetry where the children will continue to make links throughout the curriculum.



In History we will be learning about life in Ancient Egypt. We will learn about farming and the importance of the river Nile. Children will explore traditions and customs of the ancient Egyptians and learn how to write their name in hieroglyphics. Combining their art and maths skills children will learn about the pyramids and the Egyptian afterlife. As part of this topic we will be visiting The British Museum to investigate the how The Ancient Egyptians lived. 



We will be exploring forces and magnets by carrying out different investigations to discover how objects move on different surfaces and the power of magnetism. Furthermore, we will be going to the Science museum to further our knowledge on this subject. We will also be investigating light where we will recognise the importance of needing light to see, exploring shadows and how they change and recognise the dangers of sunlight.




During R.E we will be learning about Pentecost and that Catholic Christians believe that the gift of the Holy Spirit within them gives them the energy and power to live the way of Jesus. We will learn that at Pentecost, the disciples were filled by the gifts of the Holy Spirit and went out courageously to carry the Gospel of Jesus to the world. We will read from Acts and will make links between scripture and our own experiences of serving others and following the footsteps of Jesus. We will also be exploring some of the customs of Islam.



This term year 3 will be focusing throwing and catching skills. Children will develop fielding and batting skills while playing outside in the open court space. Later in the term children will enjoy a range of athletics and develop their talents and skills in time for sports day.  We will also spend time each week developing our general fitness ability. Please remember to have a labelled PE kit in school and to take it home at the end of half term to wash.



This term we will be learning about the different parts of their bodies. They will also be identifying ways to show care towards each other. Furthermore we will continue to cover internet and personal safety to ensure a safe and secure environment at home and at school.


Rights Respecting School:

This term we will also be looking at the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) focusing on different articles. We will continue to learn that every child has rights which cannot be taken away from them and focusing on the different ways that both adults and children can respect children’s rights. Look on the school website for more details about our Right Respecting School journey.



This term in art we will be creating our own Egyptian masks.  The children will focus on design requirements/ planning and the equipment and tools that they will need.  The children will evaluate their end product and discuss improvements and successes.



This term in computing we will learn how to debug programs that accomplish specific goals, use sequences, selection and repetition in programs; work with variables and various forms of input and output. We will also use logical reasoning to explain how some simple algorithms work and to detect and correct errors in algorithms and programs


Home learning & reading

Reading home learning is sent home each night. Please read with your child for approximately fifteen minutes each day and sign their reading record, we can then change reading books.


Your child’s home learning book needs to be brought into school every Monday. Home Learning and spellings are also sent every Monday, tasks are always linked to the learning that will happen in that week. Please help your child to learn the new words during the week so that they are ready for the spelling quiz in class on Monday.


We look forward to working with you to progress your child’s learning. Should you need to discuss any of the above, please make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher.



Miss Phelan & Mrs Nicolaou

Year Three

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