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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Summer Term Curriculum



Dear Parents/Carers



The sun is shining and we have lots of exciting learning planned for this term! This letter will outline what we will be doing in each of the areas of the curriculum. Your help in supporting this at home is very much appreciated.


Home Learning:

Please keep reading with your child for approximately fifteen minutes each day and sign their reading record. It is really beneficial to not only hear your child read but also to ask questions about the book to ensure that your child understands what they are reading.

Please continue to send the home learning books in every Monday so that we can stick in the new sheet for the week. Each sheet will have learning linked to what we will be doing in class, and the spellings will be at the bottom. Please practise these through the week so that the children are ready for the spelling quiz every Monday. We try to choose words that are relevant to the learning that week or words that we have noticed are frequently spelled incorrectly.



In maths we will continue to work on number and place value. The children need to be able to partition numbers into hundreds, tens and ones, and need to be able to use this knowledge to help them compare numbers. They will also need to be able to add and subtract numbers under 20 in their heads. We will continue looking at 2D and 3D shapes and sort those according to their properties. We will also look at measuring weight, capacity and length. Please continue to practise multiplication and division too, particularly the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.



In English we will be learning to write extended stories. We will be using the stories of Oliver Jeffers to help us with this, particularly looking at ‘Lost and Found’. The children will be using this story to help them write their own longer stories about characters who have to travel on a journey. Following that we will be learning to write instructions. We will read and explore different types of instructions in order to help us write our own. We will be using Jack and the Beanstalk to base our ideas on.

After half term we will be looking at the story ‘Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs’ to help us write stories, poetry and adverts.

We will continue to follow the Letters and Sounds phonics programme and all children will participate in a short phonics lesson each day. Children will also continue to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts in small guided reading groups that are led by their class teacher.



In RE, our first topic will be Pentecost. The children will be learning about the events after Easter and the coming of the Holy Spirit.




In the afternoons, our humanities topic for this whole term is ‘Explorers’. During this topic we will learn about Neil Armstrong and the history of space exploration. We will also be learning about the voyages of Christopher Columbus. Throughout the topic the children will be using map and compass skills as well as looking at weather patterns. This learning will be supported by a home learning project. To support your child with this topic you could conduct some research together using the internet and/or local library.



In Science this term we will be using a range of investigative skills as we learn about habitats and animals, including humans. We will look at how animals are suited to the habitats they live in, and think about what different animals need to survive. We will also look at how to live a healthy lifestyle, and why this is so important.

After half term we will be learning about plants. This will involve growing different plants and investigating how the different conditions impact on their growth.



We shall be continuing to learn how to program and code using the iPads and the laptops. We will also continue to develop our ICT skills by blogging, and looking at how to be safe online. Please continue to check the class blogs and encourage your children to post and comment on them.


Drop Everything and Read:

This term we shall be continuing our ‘Drop Everything and Read’ sessions. This means that every Friday afternoon everybody at St Anne’s (adults and children alike) will have thirty minutes to stop whatever they are doing and read a book of their choice. This could be your library book or a book that you have brought in from home. We really hope that these sessions in which we are all reading for pleasure will help to foster your child’s love of reading. Please help ensure that your child is ready for these sessions by ensuring that they bring a reading book into school on a Friday.



This term we will be learning skills for games in PE and dance. We will also begin practising for the different athletic events that the children participate in on Sports Day. PE is a National Curriculum requirement and all children are expected to participate. PE kits must remain in school and will be sent home for each holiday.



As part of our SRE curriculum this term, the children will be learning about the different parts of their bodies. They will also be identifying ways to show care towards each other. More details will follow in due course. Throughout the term we will continue to cover internet and personal safety.


Rights Respecting School:

We will be focusing on the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and will continue to learn the rights that every child has. We will also explore global issues such as looking after our planet. For more information about rights respecting schools look on the school’s website.



Swimming lessons have started for the third group of children this year. Swimming takes place during school time on Thursday afternoons. The children are accompanied by staff from St Anne’s. Every child in Year 2 will attend swimming lessons during the course of the year as part of the curriculum.


Thank you in advance for your support this term; we are always happy to arrange meetings after school if you have any questions or a concern about your child’s learning.


Miss Duncan and Miss Chapple

Year Two


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Excellence, together with God as our guide