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Welcome to EYFS Class!

September 2017


Dear Parents / Carers,




Welcome to our new families and welcome back to our familiar ones, also congratulations to Miss Mangion who married over the summer holidays and is now Mrs Renton! This is an exciting term for both the parents and children. We will have lots of new children starting both in our Caterpillar and Butterfly base. It is a big step for many children and we will be working with you as their parents and

carers to make sure that we settle all the children in so that all the children feel safe and secure at school. Some children settle very quickly others take a long time to settle. Please trust us and work with us as we know what we are doing.


Our RE topics  for this term will be “Our class Saint”- Caterpillars will look at Our Lady the mother of Jesus and Butterflies will look at St Anne, the mother of Mary. This will be followed by, “Beginnings” and after half term, “Advent and Christmas.” We will be making a few trips to St Anne’s church to find out about the parts of the church that we see when we go to mass but perhaps do not understand their purpose or what they are called.


We would like it if each child would bring in a photograph of your child with their family. It can be celebrating a special event or any happy time. Spend time looking at the photograph so that your child can talk to us about the photo.


Our first unit topics will be “Ourselves” and then “Birthdays after half term.” This will a time for the children to find out about themselves, their friends, their families their similarities and differences and to learn that we are all unique and special and loved by our families, the staff at school and God. We will all visit the farm and continue to do so throughout the year to look at the changes that occur around us in our environment. The Butterflies are also hoping to visit Bethnal Green Toy Museum later in the term but the date has not yet been finalised.


We will be having a meeting for the Butterfly parents  once all the new Reception aged children have started school to explain how you can help support your child at home with their phonics and reading on Wednesday 20thh September at 8.45am and 9.00am. All parents of Butterfly children are expected to attend this meeting and it is run both before school and after school to accommodate working parents. You are able to buy the phonic cards that the school use to help your child at home. Amazon- Read Write Inc. Home: Phonics Flashcards set 1 - £6.43


Every Tuesday at 2.15pm each Butterfly child will be choosing a book of their choice to enjoy from our school library. We ask that you read and share this book with your child. If you wish to come and help your child choose their book you are very welcome to come to these sessions. Just speak to Mrs Renton.


Once the Caterpillars are feeling confident in the classroom we too will be visiting the library every Monday afternoon and they too will be able to choose a book to bring home with them. It is important that the children return their library book each week so that they can take a different book home. If a book is lost or damaged it will incur a cost of £5.00 to replace it.


The Butterflies will also receive a reading book and a reading record book. How to use these books to support your child’s learning will be explained at the above phonic meeting.


After the half term the Butterflies will begin rehearsals for the Infant Nativity Play which will be with the years 1 and 2 on 11th December at 2.00pm. If the Caterpillars are feeling confident enough then they too will rehearse for a simple Nativity play which will be performed on Tuesday 5th of December at 2.00pm in the Junior hall. All parents and other family members or friends are welcome to attend both events.



Looking forward to meeting you all.




The Foundation Stage Team

Early Years Foundation Stage

Excellence, together with God as our guide