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Welcome to EYFS Class!

January 2018


Dear Parents / Carers,



Welcome back to our Spring Term. It is nice to see the children returning back to school full of energy and enthusiasm.


Our first unit topic will be “Winter” followed by “Spring.” Our RE topics will be: Celebration, Gathering and Easter. We would like it if you could send in a photo of your child at a family celebration. It would be fantastic if it was a celebration of your family’s faith as we can then share and celebrate all of our differences. Spend time looking at the photograph so that your child can talk to us about the photo.


We would like it if each child could also bring in some seeds to sow after the half term. During your visits to the park please look at the differences between Autumn and Winter. Talk about animals there that may hibernate and how we have to be careful to protect these animals such as hedgehogs. See if you can point out how the weather changes as you walk to school and the clothes that we need to wear.


This is a good season to work on your children putting their own coats on and off and trying to fasten their own coats and zips. Please ensure that your child does come to school with a hat, gloves and a warm coat and one that is waterproof on a wet day.


Reception are enjoying the “All About Me boxes.” This is a box of items and objects that the children bring in that will tell us about what is important to them about their home and family. Mrs Renton will talk to you about this activity when it is your child’s turn.


The Reception children are making good progress in their handwriting, we would like to thank you for all your hard work and support. It will be a skill that we will be focussing on throughout the rest of the year. Nursery parents you will see that any handwriting written by the adults in Nursery will be now written in the pre cursive form, a copy of this is attached to this letter.


As you have noticed we now have our lovely new playgrounds well on the way to being finished. We are hoping a few more of you will volunteer to help paint the rather tired and worn blue walls to make it look even more inviting. On Tuesday 23Rd of January at 2.30pm the Bishop will be visiting and blessing the playgrounds.


Thank you so much for supporting our fund raising events this year. We will be planning to have an EYFS Valentines party for the children on Thursday the 8th February from 3.30 – 4.30pm.  All children who wish to attend can wear red to school on that day ready for the party. We will charge £2.00. If your child would like to wear red but not attend the party the charge will be £1.00. Please can you ensure you make arrangements to ensure that no siblings attend this event. We do not have the adult to child ratio to support this.


If you have any ideas on how we can raise more funds that include either you or your children enjoying yourselves please let us know. 



The Foundation Stage Team

Early Years Foundation Stage

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